»Wörlitz is neither a regional nor a German attraction; it is a European, a world issue...«

wrote the art historian Wilhelm van Kempen in 1925


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Sightseeings & Guided Tours

Sightseeings & Guided Tours

Temple of Venus The Wörlitz Grounds are considered an example of an early landscape garden, in which visitors had to be entertained, taught, and impressed. Prince Franz's aim of public eduaction can be displayed in a lot of examples. To those who do not want to discover the garden with a book in their hands-there used to be a library in the garden just for this purpose-we can recommend joining a guided tour through the Park.
It is not possible to explore the museums, the Castle, and the Gothic House by oneself; the sightseeing can only be done within a guided tour.

As an addition to the walk through the Park, a boat trip on the Wörlitz Lake and the canals is highly recommendable. A gondola ride is especially favourable for visitors who have problems with walking longer distances. Cycling is not permitted in the Wörlitz Park; dogs are allowed if they are kept on a leash at all times.

In Wörlitz itself there are also several interesting attractions to visit, especially with a competent tour guide accompanying you through the town.