»Wörlitz is neither a regional nor a German attraction; it is a European, a world issue...«

wrote the art historian Wilhelm van Kempen in 1925


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Wörlitz and its Surroundings

Wörlitz is a part of the tourist region of Anhalt-Dessau-Wittenberg, which has a huge number of attractions to offer. Due to this we can only name sights and do not give a detailed description herein.

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Biosphere Reserve of the Middle Elbe River

Elbe Floodplains (Photo: Ralf Mielke) just adjacent to Wörlitz, a dimension of about 168 square miles (43,000 ha), wide meadows with centuries-old oak trees, largest connected floodplain forest complex of Central Europe, vast number of rare plants and animals, natural trail with beaver park and centre of information

Nature Park Dübener Heide (southeastern of Wörlitz)

Nature park with a wide trail network, carriage rides, charcoal production with barbecue facility, mud and mineral bath in Bad Schmiedeberg, in Bad Düben castle, watermill, and »Heide Spa«, in the vicinity of the town of Söllichau bunker of the National People's Army and military museum in Kossa

Coswig/Anhalt (about 3.1 miles from Wörlitz)

Reaction ferry over the Elbe River, museum of the history of Elbe navigation, little historical city centre, natural trail Kliekener Elbe floodplain,

Vockerode (3.7 miles from Wörlitz)

Former lignite industry site, impressive clinker construction, visits are not possibile.
Landing stage on the river Elbe, trecking routes with Alpakas by the biosphere reservation

Ferropolis - City of Excavators (7.5 miles from Wörlitz)

Arena for big events like concerts, framed by four large strip mining machines, on the edge of a flooded lignite opencast mining, rail vehicle museum, handcar rides

Thießen (13 miles from Wörlitz)

Technical museum Kupferhammer, animal enclosure, Hammercafé

Rosslau (16.2 miles from Wörlitz)

Water castle, schipyard with Shipbuilding Museum, housing project "Europadorf" in the district Meinsdorf with school museum in the primary school

Altjeßnitz (18.6 miles from Wörlitz)

Largest and oldest preserved historical labyrinth in Germany

Reppichau (17.0 miles from Wörlitz)

Open-air musum of the ministerialis Eike von Repgow and the German and European history of law, Mill Museum

Zerbst (21.1 miles from Wörlitz)

Collection of Catherine II of Russia, city wall 2.6 miles in length (4.2 km), historical library in the former monastery Francisceum

Bitterfeld (37 km entfernt)

Industry and Film Museum, Gemstone Museum, Book Village, again manufactured nature open mining Lake Goitzsche with Gauge tower and yachting port,
world-wide largest landscape art project on the peninsula Pouch

Köthen (25.5 miles from Wörlitz)

Castle, Bach Memorial, Naumann Museum (ornithology)

Bernburg (36.7 miles from Wörlitz)

Renaissance castle, Junkers exhibition, animal park, Fairy-tale paradise, Nature Park »Unteres Saaletal«

Straße der Romanik - Route through Saxony-Anhalt linking the cathedrals, castles, monasteries, and churches of the 10th to 13th century

Towns on the route: Leitzkau, Magdeburg, Halberstadt, Naumburg, Quedlinburg, Ballenstedt, Gernrode, Memleben, and others
Berlin, Potsdam, Magdeburg, Leipzig, Halle, Dresden, Fläming, Harz, and the Biosphere Reserve Spreewald